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As a 25-year veteran to the marketing and advertising industry, I'm still sporting new ideas and an old-fashioned work ethic. In more than two decades, I've never missed a deadline. I pride myself on taking ownership of every project. "What would my clients want the outcome to be? If this were my business, how would I prefer this to be handled?" I try to do the heavy thinking for clients so they can focus on their core activities. I take the time to listen carefully, but I can also work well with little direction. 


I'm a cum laude graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Geaux Cajuns!), with a degree in public relations, a minor in marketing and management, and a whole lot of credits in French that I rarely get to use (hence the headline).

My experience ranges from in-house health care communications and public relations to freelance graphic design and art direction, with a diverse client list including oilfield service companies, restaurants, Christian ministries, and a really cool loft hotel. As a former commercial printing consultant, taking designs through the production process with the best possible outcome is one of my specialties.

SOME OF THE FUN TITLES I'VE HELD (a few simultaneously, and a few currently*)

  • Realtor®

  • Insurance Enroller

  • Model

  • Black Belt

  • College Recruiter

  • VAX-D Therapist

  • Communications Coordinator

  • Homeschool Teacher

  • Freelance Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant*

  • Marketing Director*

  • Mom*

  • Wife*

  • Volunteer*

  • Artist*



I have the ability to grasp the big picture, not just the project at hand. Having worked as an account executive, a salesperson, and an entrepreneur, I understand that no matter how creative a concept is, it must support the mission, protect the image, and enhance the profitability of the company.

With formal training in public relations writing and years of experience in graphic design, I can conceptualize, then write content following AP style guidelines, and even completely design the collateral piece that holds the text. Because I can complete design projects while writing content simultaneously, the creative process flows seamlessly and without unnecessary delays. My turnaround is usually quicker and costs less than the teams it would require to complete the same projects. I've been told that I'm a born leader and have a great sense of humor, two characteristics which lend themselves nicely to managing creative people when necessary.



1)  I suffer with an insatiable desire to proof everything I read, even if I didn't write it. I apologize ahead of time. It's not you; it's me.

2)  Blue Bell® ice cream.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you! Contact me using the form below.

Au revoir!

Some call me the left-brained creative. Creating out-of-the-box designs is as fun to me as managing spreadsheets and budgets (bonus for my clients!). Every project is a puzzle with the solution just waiting to be discovered... or created.

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