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Featured Work: "70 Times 7"

That’s how many times Jesus told Peter he should forgive his brother or sister who sins against him. Forgiveness can be a difficult process. It is not a natural reaction but a willful act. Sometimes we have to choose to forgive someone for the same offense multiple times daily – not because the offense is repeated, but because we are frequently reminded of it.


Forgiveness brings with it a chance for redemption, cleansing and liberty – not just for the person who receives forgiveness, but also – especially – for the one offering it.


In this painting, 70 Times 7, I intended to capture that process, with all its imperfections, moments of strength and weakness, and ultimately the hope of complete redemption.


With every passing circle another opportunity to forgive comes around. And with every choice to forgive, a little more of the bitterness that once shackled the offended person melts away, giving way to freedom and hope. Forgiveness is a beautiful victory over injustice.


Some will see the interwoven circles and be reminded of the truest picture of forgiveness there ever was – the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ, representing not just a choice to forgive, but a willingness to suffer for it.

When we choose to forgive, we are more like Christ.


Forgiveness isn’t easy but the reward is eternal.

*Featured on the cover of Covenant Spotlight Magazine, November Issue, 2018



Original: 24"x36" SOLD

Open Edition Prints: 12" x 24" $25

To purchase: email Prints ship in 2-3 business days.

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